Company Flow hierheen
“Sometimes they feed me I watch T.V. The hospitul is angry at me. I know because it doesn’t talk to me.”
Transllusion hierheen
“special thanks to God, for allowing us to be able to transmit sound waves into your cranium receptor units”
Source Direct hierheen
“Maybe people have danced to this stuff, I wouldn’t try.”
Meat Beat Manifesto hierheen
“I am Electro - I can do many things - My brain is bigger than yours”
Defaced hierheen
“I’d never seen this kind of phenomenon before and was too stupefied to return him his card”
Stars of the Lid hierheen
El-P hierheen
Fandam Plus is the instrumental version of the Fantastic Damage album by El-P. To me it’s also the true follow-up to the überdope Little Johnny from the hospitul by Company Flow, El-P’s previous crew.
Flash animation hierheen
Frutabomba Slogan Generator Does what it says on the can: it generates slogans. Often geeky,sometimes funny, mostly silly. Don’t forget to read the disclaimer. requires Flash 5 plugin
FSOL- Lifeforms hierheen
Three outstanding examples of nineties electronica from the Past Sound Of London.
Madlib hierheen
The Unseen /// Quasimoto Blunted in the Bombshelter Mix /// Madlib Two very different albums with the same mastermind