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Dark and twisted drum & bass debut

Dutch television once made a documentary about these guys. It was two blokes [I remember them still living with their mum & dad] from somewhere in the English countryside. They made quite some money off their records and drove around in 2 matching black Beemers. Creating their music with headphones on, at rediculous volumes.
They have split but maybe one of them will continue working under the Source Direct name.

This is, I believe, their proper debut, clocking in at a fat seventy minutes, spread over nine tracks. And it's great. To my ears it sounds quite avant garde. Maybe people have danced to this stuff, I wouldn't try.

Main ingredients are twitchy, assymetric, layered drum patterns, deep bass [although mostly not as deep as in other D&B] and a variety of, mostly creepy, sounds and noises. The first track from this album, Call & Response, was used in the movie Blade when the vampire head honcho played it on his walkman, that should say something. Hmmm, music a vampire would like to listen to. Or a ninja, as last track “Conceiled Identity” is the aural equivalent of a battle between rivalling ninja’s. Here the drum patterns are like duelling swords. Afterwards, all that remains is the eerie sound of a cold wind blowing.

There's some boyish mischief in this music like on some ‘Let's make some fast, dark, loud, nightmarish shit to scare the neighbours’ tip. A beast of an album, to be played LOUDLY.

trying to pick a favorite track:
“Haunted”. Hard to describe atmosperic piece with an epileptic bassline and fading longing sounds battling with an abstract drum pattern. Great on headphones, gets you stoned without drugs.