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little johnny-company flow
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the frutabomba verdict:
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coflow scribble

classic futuristic
instrumental hip hop

There are different ways to approach this record.

Breaks and instrumentals by now defunct trendsetting underground hip hop group Company Flow.
The most untraceable, obscure samples lay the foundation for lo-fi, crippled beats. The opposite of slick, more like structured chaos. A hip hop counterpart to Captain Beefheart.

Hypnotic, psychedelic, mostly instrumental music which evokes the mood of damp days in a big city in autumn. Rotting leaves, cloudy skies, lurking depression... Naked trees, streets glistening with rain... That kinda atmosphere.

A confusing concept album about a little boy's escape from a creepy hospital. Inside the album's booklet there's the following text:
“My name is Johnny I live here always. Sometimes they feed me I watch T.V. The hospitul is angry at me. I know because it doesn't talk to me. I leave this place today, one way or another or another way.”
Johnny's mother, Suzy is assailed by Henry, a friend of Johnny's father. She proceedes to shoot him. This is to be derived from drawings in the booklet and samples in the song “Suzy pulled a pistol on henry”. This theme doesn’t seem to be pursued in the rest of the songs.

That’s three different ways to look at it, but there may be many more. Any which way you look at it, it’s a work of genius and the only shame about it is that there problaby will never be a vol. 2. However, since their break up both producers [El-P and DJ Mr. Len] have made some fantastic music. Maybe more about that later.

trying to pick a favorite track:
“Comp”. Because it's the first song. Very short, almost like an intro. It manages to make Biz Markie[?]'s beatboxing sound menacing. There are no standout tracks here, because they're all great.