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I was cleaning out my room today when I found the card you see above. I got it a couple of years ago when I just started living in the city of The Hague. I was riding a tram when this creature stepped in and started dealing out these cards. I was quite shocked, the picture above doesn't really do justice to just how deformed this guy’s head looked, like something straight out of a horror movie. He started at the back of the tram and after a while he reached me and handed me a card, too. When he’d got to the other end he walked back, retrieving his cards while some people gave him money. I’d never seen this kind of phenomenon before and was too stupefied to return him his card, let alone give him some money. Didn't think to much of it, but kept the card.


Here’s some thoughts that came to me while looking at it.

> This man is handing out cards, cause life has dealt him some pretty rotten cards.

> What's his story? What’s his name? Where is he from? How did this happen to him? Where does he live? Does he have a wife and family? Did he have work before which he couldn’t do anymore because of his face?

> He wasn’t exactly handsome before this happened to him.

> His hair has gone all curly. Or is it a wig?

> Whoever helped him with the different languages did a bad job. I don’t know about the Italian and the French, but the Dutch and German translations are littered with mistakes.

> I don’t know Italian but I wonder what the quotes around “utili” mean.

> The pictures remind me of a before/after advert, only this time the pictures seem to be reversed. Or maybe the order of the photo’s reflects the man’s longing to return to his former self.

> What is it that keeps him going on?