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Synthetic Soundscapes

I must admit that I’ve never been a big techno/house enthousiast. The relentless boom boom boom boom has always been a bit to simple for my taste, so I tended to delve more into the intricate rhythms of hip hop, drum and bass and funk, to name a few.

Well, this album starts with the most simple drum pattern ever. Luckily, as in most of the tracks on this album, the skeletal rhythm serves as a foundation for complex, varied textures that makes them very enjoyable.

Main man behind Transllusion is one James Stinson, who’s one half of electro duo Drexcyia. He says this music serves as a journey through his mind that will help listeners to change their outlook towards life. The only information on the cover reads: “this production was a Dimensional Waves Transmission. special thanks to God, for allowing us to be able to transmit sound waves into your cranium receptor units.”
That may seem a bit pretentious, if not to say hippy-dippy, but the music is linear, cold and futuristic.

All tracks sound 100 % synthetic, there isn't a natural sound in sight. Even when vocals are used, as in standout track Do You Want To Get Down, they're so thoroughly processed that they they don't add any warmth.

Other great tracks include Unordinary Realities, which manages to wrangle a dreamy soundscape from what initially sounds like a machine that’s stuck; the subdued and melodic Dimensional Glide and Negative Flash, which could almost be experimental hip hop.

There are no weak tracks and lots of great ones which make this extravagant record a rewarding listen.

trying to pick a favorite track:
“Do You Want To Get Down? [vocal de void]”. A track which, for once, really sounds like the future. Just two soothing tones with all kinds of different frantic noises going on at the same time. A must-hear.