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Layered electronic masterpiece

An electronic album made ten years ago that still sounds fresh today is something of an exception. This is one. It's not so much of an album as a world in its in own where hectic beats, deep dubby bass lines and spoken words from 50's America come together. Then add some very English vocals delivering left of centre political messages, otherworldly noises and lap steel guitar and you might begin to understand what this album is all about.

Meat Beat Manifesto have often been described as the forefathers of Chemical or Big Beat (genres now almost defunct) but I think they don't fit in too well within those categories. This time around they seemed to be more interested in making you think than in making you dance. Another reason is the fact that their music is just too eclectic: cocktail music declaring “I am a zombie”, harsh electro-ish beats as background to a robot saying “I am Electro - I can do many things - My brain is bigger than yours”, and for the first time, some catchy melodies.

Satyricon's main pull is the way all those samples and other elements flow together. Although the mood is sometimes spooky, there’s definitely a playful element here. In the silence before the next beat drops a voice suddenly declares: “One day I woke up in Miami”. A carefully put together collage with endless detail which still doesn't bore me after ten years.

More recently Australian band The Avalanches impressed many with their claim of having used 600 plus samples for their album ‘Since I left you’. I wouldn’t be suprised to find out that that same amount or even more was used for this record. Dazzling.
Try to track it down, and find out as in MBM’s sampled words: “A revolution has started. Play.”.

trying to pick a favorite track:
“Drop”. Great suspenseful intro, magnificent bass and still unique vocals. ‘Relinquish any sense of doubt - its time to move this mess about - too loud to amplify hi fi - why buy into the system -interruptus of the system - its deceived us of the freedom - to defy’