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Bring the noise 2002

Fandam Plus is the instrumental version of the Fantastic Damage album by El-P. To me it’s also the true follow-up to the überdope Little Johnny from the hospitul by Company Flow, El-P’s previous crew. There’s a second CD with some remixes, lyrics, live footage and the [strange, Aphex Twin-esque] video for Deep Space 9mm.

The thing about El-P is that while he’s a fantastic producer, he’s also a capable rapper. With a passable flow. And a voice like some coach, yelling at you to PASS THE FUCKING BALL or something. Combined with this rugged music it’s a bit too much for me. That’s why this instrumental album is a great idea. [There is an album that combines El Producto’s gothic decay with two top notch MC's called The Cold Vein by Cannibal Ox, which I might review later]

As I said, it seems to pick up where Little Johnny left of. All the elements are in place; the indefinable sounds, the shear complexity of the music and the way it easily evokes all kinds of emotions. The general mood is of violence, menace, aggression, war, anger. “Imagine a human faced being stomped by a boot.” Lots of screaming. The rhythms seem more advanced this time around and there are more uptempo tracks here.

I HAVEN’T heard the vocal version but I wonder how El-P finds room to rap over these dense, layered soundscapes. The album’s got an definite old-skool feel as in brutish, hard-as-nails beats and prominent scratches.

When the keywords “fandam plus” are inserted in Google, it asks: Did you mean Fandom Plus? No, but it’s testament to El-P’s skills that he attracks lots of fans with music as uncompromising as this. There’s another instrumental album with Dan the Automator in the works, can’t wait for that one. Oh well, bottom line, this is a great album. You need to check it out.

trying to pick a favorite track:

“Stepfather Factory”. Manages to sound sad, menacing, melancholic and futuristic at the same time.