Talkingskull hierheen
A sticker I [F02] made to spread the Fruta gospel to all y'all disbelievers
3D_engine hierheen
F03 puts some Flash in Frutabomba. Make an F move just like you wish...
Draw hierheen
If you're quick enough you can write a naughty word before it disappears.
Pixel tshirt hierheen
F02: I wanted to create a logo with a communist vibe to it. I was inspirated by cyrillic characters and used their shapes to create a more or less readable logo.
Pinstripe hierheen
Hordes of pinstripe artists are hunting for F02's blood because this automated pinstripe generator put them out of work.
Tribal Generator hierheen
Some Flash generated body art.
Shield Generator hierheen
This generator does for logo design what the calculator did for adding up.
Desktoppattern hierheen
Loadsa stylish desktop patterns expertly crafted to pattern your desktops.
Next project hierheen
A fighting cock is the start of a hectic voyage through cyberspace.
Want tees? hierheen
We design t-shirts too, but do we have what it takes to take those tees to the top?