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About Frutabomba
What is this Frutabomba business all about, you might ask. A very legitimate question, and one that's a bit hard to answer. You could say that Frutabomba is the brainchild of F01, F02 and F03, who came together for one mission: to spread to the virus of the funk. You could also say that three people came together to create a site that functions as a platform for their joined creativity. Whatever you like best.

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Hello spider, drink some cider?
Frutabomba! Frutabomba!
Who's that cat, blind like a bat?
Frutabomba! Frutabomba!
Who can fly without a try?
Frutabomba! Frutabomba!
Who can blow the snow and glow?
Frutabomba! Frutabomba!